Viresco Capital Management Partners with InfoHedge as Asian Sector Continues to Grow

InfoHedge Technologies LLC, a leading provider of IT services and solutions to the alternative investment universe signed a long-term contract with Viresco International Capital management. The fund’s staff will enjoy a fully redundant, fail proof ASP based infrastructure without having to make a significant investment in technology – the fees are subscription based and include the following features:


Microsoft Active Directory Infrastructure.
Embedded Disaster Recovery.
Clustered Exchange Server.
Secure RSA remote access.
Hosted IP Telephony
Comprehensive Compliance platform including message archiving and retention.
Redundant storage solution.
On-site & off-site backups.
“Chinese wall” security infrastructure.
Web hosting.
ASP Application Hosting

Institutional investors are constantly scrutinizing the infrastructure of the managers with whom they invest, and having a robust, enterprise grade systems with compliance and disaster recovery contingencies is more important than ever.  InfoHedge Hosted Platform brings all of the tools and features that investors are looking for in a cost-effective package which is accessible from anywhere in the world.  InfoHedge was an ideal choice for Viresco, as their operations are split between the West Coast of United States and Vietnam

About Viresco International Capital Management LLC
Viresco International Capital Management, LLC is a private investment management firm dedicated to investing in global Clean Technology.  With an international investment team and senior management, Viresco offers alternative investment expertise to institutional clients and high net worth individuals.

About InfoHedge Technologies
InfoHedge is a provider of IT services to the alternative investment industry.  InfoHedge’s services include complete or partial outsourcing of Systems and Infrastructure Management,  Disaster Planning and Recovery, Compliance Technology, Tactical and Strategic Consulting and Financial Technology Integration & Development.

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