InfoHedge Selling Outsourced IT Options

New York, NY By Susan L. Barreto

NEW YORK ( – Hedge fund information technology consulting continues to entice entrepreneurs, as more hedge fund managers seem to want simpler answers to their technology questions.

A company set up by Alexander Kouperman and Eugene Kushnirsky, InfoHedge, provides a wide range of infrastructure services to help hedge fund managers with technology. The pair, each with 10 years of financial technology experience, developed the platform while working together at Alexandra Investment Management over the past four years.

“Clients benefit from all our bumps and bruises that they (other hedge fund firms) acquired along the way,” Mr. Kouperman said.

Much of the technology in trading and risk management in particular is so new that there are few individuals with the familiarity and expertise to implement them correctly within a fund’s infrastructure, Mr. Kouperman added.

“Our familiarity and experience with the majority of third-party IT solutions for hedge funds allows us to map a client’s requirements against available offerings and quickly suggest the right course of action,” said Mr. Kushnirsky, chief technology officer of InfoHedge, in a statement.

InfoHedge is offering a specialized infrastructure for start-up funds with which managers can begin trading immediately after gaining an Internet connection. As a part of a web-hosted product offered on a subscription basis, InfoHedge plans to sell disaster- recovery and businesscontinuity services coupled with advanced trading and risk management software.

InfoHedge also offers virtual technology officer services, including strategic planning, project management and support that can be more cost-effective than hiring full-time staff. Describing InfoHedge as a one-stop consulting service for infrastructure and financial technology, Mr. Kouperman said he plans to compete with a number of firms already active in similar lines of the business.

Eze Castle Integration, for example, provides business- continuity services, compliance tools and technology consulting. RFA also offers disaster recovery and email and instant messaging archiving, while Gravitas Technology has focused on IT outsourcing packages for hedge funds.

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