InfoHedge Proudly Sponsors FINforum “Power, Politics and Hedge Funds” Event

FINforums organizes exclusive events that cater to the hedge fund industry. From cutting edge panel discussions to informative fireside chats and big name keynote addresses, FINforums events aim to educate audiences and facilitate debate. Networking and making new contacts are critical in the tight-knit hedge fund community, and each FINforums event allows ample time for attendees, speakers and sponsors to exchange new ideas and built up their networks of contacts.

Join us on Oct. 26 as we convene some of the best and brightest minds to talk about the crossroads of Wall Street and Washington–from the power and influence that hedge funds and other financial professionals wield to more specific issues such as how regulatory reform and a change in tax laws would affect the asset management industry. This educational forum included a keynote speech by former NBC News anchor and CEO of Seigenthaler Public Relations-NY John Seigenthaler, Senior Correspondent of FOX Business Network Charles Gasparino, Founder and Partner of Bulldog Investors Phil Goldstein, Former Congressional Candidate and Legal Scholar Reshma Saujani, Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital Anthony Scaramucci, and Managing Partner of Agecroft Partners Don Steinbrugge.