InfoHedge Offers Turnkey Office Space and Technology to Start Up Funds

InfoHedge Technologies LLC, a leading provider of IT services and solutions to the alternative investment community, announced formation of a strategic partnership with Corporate Suites.  The new agreement will allow InfoHedge to offer turnkey office space alongside its fully hosted, hedge fund specific technology platform in the following NYC locations:

  • 641 Lexington Avenue (E54th Street)
  • 825 Third Avenue (E50th Street)
  • 275 Madison Avenue (E39th Street)
  • 1001 Avenue of the Americas (W37th Street)
  • 1040 Avenue of the Americas (W39th Street)
  • 22 Courtlandt Street (Downtown)

The arrangement was conceived as a practical exercise of InfoHedge referring and incubating start up managers in a managed office space while supporting their technology needs.  Hosted clients will enjoy a fully redundant, fail proof ASP based infrastructure without having to make a significant investment in technology – the fees are subscription based and include the options for:

  • Fully blown Microsoft Active Directory structure
  • Embedded Disaster Recovery
  • Clustered Exchange Server
  • Secure remote access
  • Hosted IP Telephony with unlimited calling
  • Comprehensive Compliance platform including message archiving and retention
  • Redundant storage solution
  • On-site & off-site backups
  • “Chinese wall” security infrastructure
  • Web hosting
  • ASP application hosting that covers Trading Systems, Risk Management Platforms, and Portfolio Management Tools etc…

About Corporate Suites
Corporate Suites operates full service office business centers in New York City providing fully-furnished office space, conference facilities and virtual office services for corporate professionals.  Our services include turn-key state-of-the-art office space, ideal for start-ups, multi-city organizations, and small users.  We can provide your company with fully-furnished office space, ready for immediate use, with flexibility for growth to meet the demands of your business.   We also offer business identity services for companies who would like a business presence in Manhattan, but do not require permanent office space.  These services include phone and mail services, and usage of our conference facilities.  Our conference services are available to business who require conference space for meetings in New York City.

About InfoHedge Technologies
InfoHedge is a provider of IT services to the alternative investment industry.  InfoHedge’s services include complete or partial outsourcing of Systems and Infrastructure Management,  Disaster Planning and Recovery, Compliance Technology, Tactical and Strategic Consulting and Financial Technology Integration & Development.

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