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InfoHedge Technologies LLC announced today the launch of its New York-based operations. The technology services firm was incubated and conceived by technology professionals of one of the oldest multi-strategy hedge funds. The firm will cater exclusively to the Hedge Fund community and its service providers.

The firm’s primary expertise is in Systems and Infrastructure as well as IT consulting. “The move toward institutionalization and compliance in the hedge fund industry creates the urgent need for efficient technology solutions. At the same time, the managers may not be willing to invest heavily in serious IT infrastructure required”, said InfoHedge’s president Alexander Kouperman. “Outsourcing these needs to professionals with years of experience in the hedge fund industry and benefiting from the economies of scale makes total sense for small and medium-size managers, and even some of the larger managers out there”.

InfoHedge provides the entire range of IT-related services including a complete hosting solution; a full range of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services; SEC-compliant e-mail; IM and archival systems; voice and data communications; biometric access control and digital video surveillance; mobile communication platforms; secure remote connectivity, etc.

For start-up funds, the firm offers the Rapid DeploymentTM service, enabling managers to begin trading almost immediately, with minimal investment in technology.

InfoHedge also offers the Virtual CTO service, providing the benefit of strategic planning, project management and support without the burden of hiring full-time staff.

The company is also cognizant of the SEC regulations regarding Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. InfoHedge offers the entire spectrum of DR services including “hot seat” office space at its Westchester, NY, facility.

For firms wishing to maintain their own technology infrastructure, InfoHedge offers a fully-managed IT solution, providing 24/7/365 support to all systems while maintaining a light footprint and working closely with the in-house CTO and management.

The principals of InfoHedge believe that their accumulated experience can be of great benefit to the alternative investment community. “Our consulting expertise is tailored to the Hedge Fund industry. We have tackled a host of challenges faced by various firms and were able to successfully and efficiently implement appropriate solutions. Our familiarity and experience with majority of third-party IT solutions for Hedge Funds allows us to map a client’s requirements against available offerings and quickly suggest the right course of action”, said Eugene Kushnirsky, Chief Technology Officer of InfoHedge.

Alexander Kouperman, President
641 Lexington Ave 14th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 646-475-4380

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