ED Capital Management Live on InfoHedge Platform

InfoHedge Technologies LLC, a leading provider of IT services and solutions to the alternative investment universe signed a long-term contract with ED Capital Management LLC. ED Capital staff will enjoy a fully redundant, fail proof ASP based infrastructure without having to make a significant investment in technology – the fees are subscription based and include the options for:

  • Fully blown Microsoft Active Directory structure.
  • Embedded Disaster Recovery.
  • Clustered Exchange Server.
  • Secure remote access.
  • Hosted IP Telephony with unlimited calling.
  • Comprehensive Compliance platform including message archiving and retention.
  • Redundant storage solution.
  • On-site & off-site backups.
  • “Chinese wall” security infrastructure.
  • Web hosting.
  • ASP application hosting that covers Trading Systems, Risk Management Platforms, and Portfolio Management Tools etc…

“InfoHedge’s hosted platform was an ideal choice for us, as our operations are split between US and emerging markets sectors,” says Elliot Daniloff – one of the founding principals at ED Capital. “We were also equally impressed with the wealth of technical knowledge that InfoHedge brings to the table with respect to the Risk Management Technologies.” InfoHedge will support the entire technology infrastructure of ED Capital Management.

About ED Capital Management
ED Capital Management, LLC is international investment advisory firm specializing in the Russian and CIS securities and real estate markets. Our clients include a diversified group of international financial institutions, corporations, insurance companies, pension funds, public endowments, investment advisors, family groups and high net-worth individuals based in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Our distinctive capabilities make us prominent Russian investment advisory firm. Credibility, unrivaled expertise, and unique local insight help us capitalize on the market opportunities, responsibly manage risks and realize an effective investment strategy in the Russian context. Our investment philosophy is to achieve consistent returns over a long time horizon, with an emphasis on capital preservation and is based on six fundamental principles: Integrity, Optimism, Courage, Professionalism, Communication, and Accountability.

About InfoHedge Technologies
InfoHedge is a provider of IT services to the alternative investment industry. InfoHedge’s services include complete or partial outsourcing of Systems and Infrastructure Management, Disaster Planning and Recovery, Compliance Technology, Tactical and Strategic Consulting and Financial Technology Integration & Development.


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