DellaCamera Capital Management & InfoHedge Team to Deliver Robust Risk Management Reporting

InfoHedge Technologies, a leading services and solutions provider for the hedge fund industry, today announced that it will license its quantitative platform to augment DellaCamera’s risk management framework.


DellaCamera Capital Management was looking for a flexible tool to test and simulate its proprietary and innovative trading strategies, and InfoHedge’s technology was the right fit for the job.  Along with an ability to back test and simulate ideas, the framework will also deliver a number of reporting tools for “what if” scenarios and risk exposure reporting.

“We are delighted to be able to provide and implement the right risk management workflow tools for our clients,” said Alexander Kouperman, President of InfoHedge. “  This functionality often becomes  a cornerstone in the decision making process of the portfolio managers, as well as the investors who are looking for managers that are able to demonstrate their ability to manage risk.”

About DellaCamera Capital Management
DellaCamera Capital Management (DCM), LLC is a domestic and offshore hedge fund. The fund uses a multi-strategy focus with its investing and invests in an array of areas. DCM invests in public and private secured debt, other alternative finance assets, distressed debt and trade claims, liquidations/reorganizations, equities, options, derivatives and other securities across a company’s capital structure. DCM focuses on opportunities where there is an embedded catalyst or potential to create one. The fund’s diverse legal, accounting, financial and trading backgrounds along with ten years of working together drives the Funds’ investment process.

About InfoHedge Technologies
InfoHedge is a provider of IT services to the alternative investment industry.  InfoHedge’s services include complete or partial outsourcing of Systems and Infrastructure Management,  Disaster Planning and Recovery, Compliance Technology, Tactical and Strategic Consulting and Financial Technology Integration & Development.

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